Saturday, November 18, 2006

Veggie Quesadilla

Here is a healthy and yummy recipe for quesadilla. You can add any combination of veggies or spice it up anyway you like. It's up to your imagination. Also you can use any variety of tortilla and there are so many available in the grocery store. You can get spinach, sun dried tomatoes, whole wheat, whole grain, flour - practically any flavor you want.

You can add diced tomatoes to the quesadilla but sometimes it makes it soggy. So, I skipped it in my recipe. Choose any color or a combo of bell peppers and it still tastes good. This is my version.
Ingredients 4 low carb whole wheat tortillas (or any variety you like)
1 red onion
1/2 cup fresh or frozen corn
1/2 cup of canned black beans
1 medium green bell pepper
1 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp red chilli powder (optional)
1 tsp cumin powder
1 cup Mexican four cheese blend
Oil for sautéing

Method1. Dice the red onion and green bell pepper.
2. Pour oil in a pan and sauté the red onion.
3. Then add the green bell pepper and corn and sauté for 4-5 minutes. You can leave a little crunch in the bell pepper.

4. Add the black beans and mix well.
5. Add the paprika, red chilli powder, cumin powder. Mix well and salt and set aside.
6. To assemble the quesadilla, warm up two tortillas to begin with.

7. Place one tortilla and spread out the veggie filling as show below.

8. Next sprinkle as much or as little cheese as you like on top of the veggies.
9. Place the second tortilla on this and warm up both the sides. Take care while turning the tortilla.
10. Once the tortilla becomes a little hard and the cheese melts remove and set aside. Usually this takes 1-2 minutes.
11. Use a pizza cutter to cut the quesadilla into four pieces.
Serve with a dollop of sour cream (optional) or some guacamole.

Serving size - 2 slices
Number of servings - 3 or 4


Pooja said...

wow laxmi,
great recipe.
its looks os colorful :)
surely gonna give it a try soon.:)

Trupti said...

I make these too- Sometimes, I add spinach too along with the black beans and corn... its so yummy!


Lakshmi said...

Hi Lakshmi,
I love this Quesadilla's, but never prepared them at home. and by the way saw your post on name confusion, so nice of you saying it, but one thing, why did you changed the color, when you liked it so much.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Lakshmi

Glad you like the recipes. I changed the color because I remember someone asking me if both our blogs belonged to the same Lakshmi.

Seema said...

hey lakshmi wow veggie quesadilla and to my surprise i have most of the ingredients in my pantry except for the cheese ..i will get it on my way back from work tomorrow and will surely try this ...thanks a lot for this great healthy recipe ...

Praveena said...

They say great minds think alike! I was going to make the same thing for dinner tonight! Except I use taco seasoning and a can of refried beans.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Praveena

Very true. Of late, I have been coming across recipes that I have already posted or planning to post. I think the more, the merrier. That shows how versatile our Indian cooking is.

Seema Bhat said...

hey lakshmi :
you know what i am gonna try out your quesadilla recipe now ...hope it turns out as good as yours...once done with it will post it in my blog and let you know
thanks again

Lakshmik said...

Sure Seema. Do try it out and let me know.

Seema Bhat said...

hey lakshmi i did try it out with little variations in it and i must say it was mind blowing ...thanks for the idea .. will post it in my blog today and let you know..
thanks again

Lakshmik said...

Hi Seema

Glad you liked it. Do post it on your blog and let me know.

Shilpa said...

I looooove quisadillas. I am gonnu try this soon. I loved all your recipes.

Jeena said...

Hi there nice recipe :) love the blog.