Saturday, November 18, 2006

Name confusion

Hi food bloggers

There seems to be some confusion with my name. I have been posting comments as Lakshmi Krishnan and it is misunderstood as a comment from Lakshmi from Flavors of Indian Rasoi. I am relatively new to the world of food blogging, so decided that I should not confuse the existing bloggers who have known Lakshmi of Flavors of Indian Rasoi for quite a while now.

So, I will now be posting my comments as Lakshmik instead of Lakshmi Krishnan. Also there was a comment that our blogs look similar. So, I have made a few changes to the current blog. I have retained the template as I simply love the layout.

Happy blogging!


Pooja said...

Hi Laxmi,
Just read your comment on my blog.
you can post your recipe on your blog or send me it on email along with pic(if u have any) ,upto this thursday. and inform me about it by comment or email, then i can show u as particpant for this yam week, either by providing link to your post, or if u send it by email then i will display it along with your name and blog.
Stay Tuned

Vcuisine said...

Hi Lakshmi, many similarities between you and me. We both are new. My name Vijyalalakshmi (Viji). I posted handful of nuts on November 13 same like you. My blog name Vcuisine!. Anything more you find. Nice to know about you. Have a good day! Viji

Foodie's Hope said...

Blog looks great and I always called you LakshmiK!!:D

Can you imagine how many Priyas we have to remember!!:)

Sia's corner said...

oh ok lakshmi:) now all confusions r cleared:)