Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Vegetable Spring Rolls


For the stuffing1/2 cup of shredded cabbage
1/2 cup of shredded carrots
1/2 cup of beans cut lengthwise
1/4 cup of boiled hakka/chinese noodles
1 medium onion
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp red chilli powder

For the covering
1 cup all purpose flour
A pinch of salt
2 tsps oil
Water for making the dough

Oil as needed (for deep frying)

Method1. To prepare the filling - pour oil in a pan and sauté the onions till transparent. Next add all the veggies and sauté until tender and add the boiled noodles. Finish off with red chilli powder and salt.
2. To make the covering - make a dough with all-purpose flour, salt, oil and water (just like the dough for making rotis). Set aside for atleast 30 minutes.
3. To make the spring rolls - roll out the dough as given below.
4. Place a teaspoon of the filling in the center.
5. Moist all the sides of the covering and fold it as shown below.
6. Deep fry the spring rolls until brown.
7. Let the spring rolls cool. Cut them into 2-inch pieces and serve with chilli sauce.

Spring rolls go well along with Chinese noodles or vegetable fried rice.

Recipe adapted from Tarla Dalal's 'The Pleasures of Vegetarian Cooking'


FH said...

Great medley of colorful veggies. You can use ready-bake pizza crust for covering too!Looks festive!:)
Good job Lakshmi.

Lakshmik said...

Wow, that was a quick response. Thanks for the suggestion Asha. Glad you liked the recipe.

Anusha said...

looks yummy yummy! I think I'm going to make it this weekend...I like the idea of making your own crust...!

swapna susarla said...

hai lakshmi
veg rolls are looking great.it is so simplwna...thanku for sharing such a good one.

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi lakshmi
Your spring rolls look great. Now I am tempted to make some.

My co-sister used to do the same way, but mix the dough like dosa batter and do dosas and fill it up just like as u do for spring rolls and toast it on tawa for less fat.

Priya said...

WOW....these are one of my favorites...but haven't been able to eat them here, will try making them at home this weekend :-) I have some phyllo sheets from my puff making, will try making it with those :-) Thank you !

Lakshmi said...

lovely post Lakshmi, you are tempting me to make.

Vani said...

Your Chinese spread looks good, Lakshmi! I love that platter you've used -colorful peppers.

USHA said...

WOW!Nice receipe and good demo.

Thanks for sharing.

TNL said...

You make it look so easy! It looks great, bet it tasted even better.

Happy Holidays!


Lakshmik said...

Hi Vani

I got the platter from Kohls.

KA said...

Never thought spring rolls were so easy to prepare..
Nice post.

Anonymous said...

Lakshmi, lovely recipe, not had spring rolls in a long time you have not prompted me...i love this kinds stuff...thanks for sharing...~smile~

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

hey lakshmi.. looks great.Thanks for visiting my blog.

Seema Bhat said...

this is indeed a lovely recipe lakshmi. I loved the idea of having noodles inside.yummy yummy

Artnavy said...


If you add a few bean sprouts that will enhance the taste/ texture even more.

manju bansal said...

Wow, great recipe. I have never tried. Now I can try with your detailed recipe.