Sunday, January 20, 2013

Potato and green beans subzi

Potatoes with green beans is such an awesome combination. I came across the recipe from Monica Bhide's blog 'A Life of Spice'. This recipe has been on my must try file for the last few weeks. Simple yet tasty, this recipe is all about home cooking at its best. No complicated flavors or spices going on here. Also love the way the potatoes are sliced as it makes the subzi visually appealing too. 

I more or less followed Monica's recipe. You can check out her recipe here

My variation to the recipe:
I used frozen haricort vert (aka green beans) which I microwaved for 5 minutes before adding to the potatoes. I used ginger-garlic paste whereas the original recipe uses only ginger. I also added half an onion thinly sliced after I seasoned with jeera. 

Do not use store bought coriander/dhania powder. Instead dry roast the coriander seeds in a pan and throw them in a blender/food processor and make a powder. This stays fresh for a few weeks in your pantry and you can use it in a variety of recipes.

Serve with rice and dal or rotis.

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