Thursday, March 01, 2007

Vegetable pot pie for two

Health recipe!

This recipe is another inspiration from Ellie Krieger's 'Healthy Appetite' from Food TV. I was always fascinated by pot pies and loved watching Marie Calendar's chicken pot pie ads. A steamy hot vegetable filling oozing out of a thick biscuit-like crust always seemed so yummy. A couple of weeks ago I was watching this program on Food TV and Ellie Krieger made it seem so easy and I immediately put it on my ‘recipes to try list’. We had it for dinner and it was quite filling. The flaky crust with the steaming hot veggies was yummy. I made a few changes to the original recipe and here is the vegetarian version.

Vegetable Pot Pie

1 medium potato cubed
1/2 cup frozen green peas and carrots
2 stalks of celery chopped
1/4 cup French beans (fresh or frozen)
1 small onion
1/2 tsp of dried Thyme
1/2 tsp of dried Parsley
Red pepper flakes to taste
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1/2 tsp garlic paste
2 cups of vegetable stock (I used Wolfgang Puck's Organic Vegetable Stock)
Salt to taste (check the sodium in the vegetable stock before adding salt to the filling)
A few sheets of thawed Phyllo dough
Oil as needed

For the roux1 tbsp butter
1 tbsp all purpose flour
1/2 cup of milk

How to make the rouxMelt the butter in a pan and add the all purpose flour. Keep stirring until the raw smell of the flour disappears. Add the milk and continue stirring until the sauce thickens.

Method for vegetable pot pie1. Pour 2-3 tsps oil in a pan and sauté the onions until transparent.
2. Add the garlic paste and sauté.
3. Add the celery and sauté for a minute or two.
4. Next add the cubed potatoes, green peas, carrots and beans and sauté until 3/4 cooked.
5. Add thyme, parsley and red pepper flakes and mix well.
6. Pour the vegetable stock into the pan, add salt and pepper and bring it to a boil.
7. Add the roux and mix well. The veggie mixture will slightly thicken.
8. Set aside and let it cool.
Vegetable pot pie filling
9. Transfer equal quantities of the veggie filling to an oven safe dish. Unroll the phyllo dough and cut into quarters. Place 3 or 4 sheets on the dish and tuck the edges into the dish rim. Optional: top the phyllo dough with grated parmesan cheese for an extra zing.
10. Brush the phyllo sheets with butter. I used fat-free butter spray.
11. Bake in a 425 degree oven for 10 to 15 minutes until the crust is all brown and flaky.

Vegetable pot pie

Tip: Thaw the Phyllo dough the previous day in the refrigerator. For use on the same day, remove from freezer 2 hours in advance and thaw outside. Click here to learn how to handle Phyllo dough.


Mishmash ! said...

Hi Lakshmi,nice recipe for pot pie and ur veg pot pie reminds me of a chicken pot pie i tried a year back...and i tried baking the pastry puff along with the veggies but I noticed it goes down and gets wet towards the end, so I baked it separately and placed it on the pie just before serving it, to get a restaurant look ;)


Lakshmik said...

Yes, Shn the topping does go down. But when you cut into it and eat along with the veggies inside it tastes delicious.

swapna susarla said...

hi lakshmik
looking great!!!nice pot pie!!

Lakshmik said...

Thanks Swapna.

USHA said...

Hi Lakshmik,

Nice and different receipe...Looks cute ...

Sangeeta said...

Hi Lakshmi,

I love pot pies - never tried making it Vegetarian style, but your wonderful recipe is a must try :) Thanks for sharing

FH said...

Beautiful looking PotPie.I make it with puff pastry and chicken pot pies.Love how it looks L!Thanks.

Lakshmik said...

Thanks Usha.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Asha

The puff pastry one tastes delicious too. The only difference with phyllo dough sheets is that it is less fatty.

Mandira said...

The pot pie looks delicious Lakshmi.

Lakshmik said...

Thanks Mandira.

Anonymous said...

I have been looking our for a recipe of veggie pie for a long time. I saw one at Asha's blog and now in your blog. It looks so appetizing! No excuses now, I must try it soon. Thanks for sharing.

Viji said...

Quite interesting. Tks for sharing. Fiji

Padmaja said...

hi lakshmi!!
came thru dining hall here, and what a great blog u have got!!!great going!!!
have to try this recipe as it looks so delicious!!

Lakshmik said...

Hi Nalini

Thanks. Glad you liked the recipe. Yes, no more excuses try it out soon.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Viji

Glad you liked the recipe.

Lakshmik said...

Hi Padmaja

Thanks for visiting my blog. Do try out the pot pie. It tastes delicious.