Friday, January 05, 2007

I have been tagged - meme

Dilip from Garam Masala tagged me for writing my meme. This was pure fun and I really loved writing it. So, here it is - my meme on 3 things that...
3 Things that make me laugh
1. Anybody with a good sense of humor can make me laugh
2. Movie comedy - mainly Tamil movies. I love comedy from Vadivelu and Vivek. I just cannot stop laughing
3. The new words and sentences my 2-year old talks. Of course, it makes me feel happy too.

3 Things that make me cry

1. Senior citizens who have to do things themselves - like shopping, driving, etc. I wish there was someone to help them out.
2. The birth of a baby
3. My childhood - because I can never go there again

3 Things that scare me
1. Lizards
2. Loneliness
3. Pain

3 Things I love
1. Find a quiet place in a library or park and get on with my reading (the list of books is now getting longer)
2. Spend time with my husband and daughter
3. Go on a long drive all by myself with the music on

3 Things I hate
1. Friends who backstab (I have come across many of them and it hurts)
2. People who do not keep in touch (because they are busy, are they?). After all, you need to find time to keep in touch with friends you care about.
3. Cheating

3 Things I don't understand
1. Mathematics
2. How people can be lazy
3. Sleeping till late in the morning. It makes you even lazier.

3 Things on my desk
1. Laptop
2. Bills to be paid
3. My small notebook filled with notes/info from everywhere. This book goes with me everywhere.

3 Things I am doing right now
1. Having my morning coffee - something that starts my day and charges me up. I can never miss my morning coffee.
2. Organizing my CD library
3. Playing with my daughter

3 Things I want to do before I die
1. Travel as much as I can
2. Help children in need
3. Lose weight

3 Things I can do
1. Cook good food
2. Make friends
3. Understand the finer points of life

3 Things one should listen to
1. Surely, their intuition
2. Good friends
3. Constructive criticism

3 Things I would never want to listen to
1. Self praise (people talking about themselves)
2. People talking about their kids all the time. Because I feel every child is unique and you can never compare.
3. Gossip between friends

3 Favorite foods
1. Potato fry
2. Coconut rice
3. Rasmalai

3 beverages I drink regularly
1. Coffee
2. Tea
3. Sparkling cider. This is a new find (orange juice gives me a heartburn)

3 TV shows I watched/books I read as a kid
1. Tinkle comics
2. Spiderman TV shows
3. Tintin story books

Three fellow bloggers I would like to tag
1. Tweety of Fitful Culinaria
2. Lakshmiammal3. Mad Tea Party


USHA said...

Hi Lakshmik,

Its was interesting to get to know about you.
Vivek,vadivelu,ofcourse......their comedies are really good remedies for moody time.

FH said...

I don't like backstabbers either! Great MeMe!!:)

TNL said...

Nice to know about and I have a few things in common...what book are you reading right now?


Lakshmik said...

Hi Trupti

I am currently ready 'Mistress' by Anita Nair.

swapna susarla said...

hai lakshmik
nice meme..happy new year...

Rajani Rayudu said...

Hi Lakshmik
Happy new year. Very interesting, its look like you are true at heart keep up.

Suma Gandlur said...

Hi Lakshmi,
Thanks for your lovely comment about my blog.
I have added your blog to my bloglist.Nice to see another veggie blog with beautiful recipes.I have book marked some, which I am going to try.

Pooja said...

its nice reading your Meme. I also hate backstabbers, and when they are backstabbers they are no more a friend. :) .

thanks for sharing .

Sangeeta said...

Hi Lakshmi,

It was nice to read your MeMe and get to know you a little. :)

Seema Bhat said...

Lakshmi, Nice meme dear. Man, how much i miss my childhood much wish those days would come back. And you are so much right about own friend stabbing from behind dear. I have come across hundreds of them and even still act as if they are your best friends.

Unknown said...

Vadivelu's "Vanthuttangayya..vanthunttangayya" soon as i hear these i can't stop laughing.Loneliness..i hate that...(some more things are there that we have common, didn't want a bigger comment).Though we differ in so many ways, i am glad i cound find few things in common....Good to know abt u thru this meme...

Bong Mom said...

Great knowing more about you. Loved reading it

Anonymous said...

Hi Lakshmik,
I tried your methi mutter recipe and was back for more when I happened to read this post. I so agree with your views of people not keeping in touch and the only thing they will discuss is comparing kids!! BTW I too live in NJ, originally from India. Do let me know if you would be interested in corresponding.
Thanks for the excellent recipes
Cheers Shelly

Viji said...

Nice to know about you more Lakshmi. Very nice interesting. Viji